[New Coa Mix Release] Zenon Comics on sale April 19th!

Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released 10 titles from 9 Zenon Comics on Friday, April 19, 2024.

[Zenon Comics new releases: 8 titles, 9 titles]

What is the purpose of Mei, the True Ancestor, who appears before Sayo and Yamadera?
The latest volume of Vampire Rhapsody, about a virgin senior and a sadistic junior!
"Excuse me for sucking your blood late at night." Volume 5
Amida Muku
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◆A salaryman's eating face drawn by Amida Muku!
Packed with unknown deliciousness! The latest volume is full of firsts!
"Meshima." Volume 13
Amida Muku
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◆Includes home medical care and young carer editions!
The latest volume depicts the struggles of a home care pharmacist who is involved in the "daily lives" of patients!
"Unsung Cinderella: Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi" Volume 12
Mamare Arai Medical draft/Hiromitsu Tomino
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◆What are the "abnormalities" in children that you don't notice when raising them alone?
"The 19th Medical Record: Akira Tokushige's Medical Interview" Volume 9
Katsuhito Fujiya Medical draft/Takashi Kawashita
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◆The latest volume reveals the time when Master Leo was his disciple!
"Arte" Volume 19
Kei Ohkubo
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◆The recommendation band for Volume 17 is from Takahashi Yoshihiro, the author of Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin!
Volume 18 features Nobuhiko Horie, the editor in charge of "Fist of the North Star"!
"Fist of the North Star New Edition" Volume 17 Volume 18
Original story by Buronson, manga by Tetsuo Hara
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◆1st place in the LINE Manga human drama category!
"Tokyo Cannabis Special Zone: The Man Called the Cannabis King" Volume 6
Inai Taketo
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◆A new, seriously in love, clingy beast is shocked by his favorite's "marriage"!
"Gachikoi Nenkinjuu ~I want to be the girlfriend of an online streamer~" Volume 13
Star Come
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[One new e-book title!]

◆After Maki's confession
In the latest volume, Misaki's relationships with those around her begin to change dramatically!
"Me, My Husband, and My Husband's Boyfriend" Volume 11
Ayano Ayano
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Edited, published and distributed by: Coa Mix

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