[New Core Mix Release] Zenon Comics on sale June 20th!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released nine Zenon Comics on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

[9 new Zenon Comics releases]

◆Highly recommended by Masashi Asagami, author of "My Home Hero"!
Manga BANG! Original monthly sales No. 1!
"Lawless Justice: Unforgivable Police" Volume 1
Original story by Usuke Takagi, manga by Daikan Komatsu
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◆A hot topic that continues to be reprinted! Ijichi blushes as he realizes his first crush!
"There are no gals who are kind to otaku!?" Volume 7
Original story: Norishiro-chan Manga: Uozumi Sakana
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◆A shy, ladylike student council president and an airhead discipline committee member appear!
"Girlfriend Through the Filter" Volume 5
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◆For your first kid's lunch, stay home and enjoy Tsuchinoko!?
"My Little Maid" Volume 5
Nagata Kana
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◆I can't remember your face, but I want to know more about you!
"Attributes of Blue and Love" Volume 2
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◆Big in size and love until the very end!
"Magic, Me, and the Big Master" Volume 3
Ui Ohno
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Adolescents vs. Psychopaths! The Yamanote Line Deathmatch begins!
"Tokyo Duel Ring Battle" Volume 14
Toshiaki Yamada
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Edited, published and distributed by: Core Mix (Edited by Amazia Co., Ltd. for "Lawless Justice: Unforgivable Police")

[Two new e-book titles!]

◆The total number of views for the short dramas currently being streamed on BUMP has exceeded 12 million!
The realistic deception of girls from Minato Ward who are looking for sugar daddies is depicted!
"Conditions for a Professional Girlfriend: Women Who Want to Marry Celebrities" Volume 9
Original story: hina Manga: acca
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◆A hot topic on social media, based on the original work by Miyazaki Maya!
Pyunpyun's excessive demands move Yurika's heart! Volume 18 of "Because We're Not Dating"
Original story: Maya Miyazaki, Illustrations: Satoshi Yamazaki
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Edited, published and distributed by: Core Mix

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