[New Core Mix Release] Zenon Comics on sale July 5th!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release three Zenon Comics titles on Friday, July 5, 2024.

◆The hated villainous young lady is reborn as a high school girl!
A delightful school love story where students speak out against bullying and nuisance customers!
"The Hated Villainous Lady Alisha Libra Can't Be Flexed" Volume 1
Manga by Ai Nimoda, Original Story by Oto Kodera
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◆Sister Alice, beloved by her family, sets off for the royal capital!
Volume 6 of "Reforming the Territory of Another World: Public Works Beginning with Earth Magic"
Original story by Saburo Hotei (published by Hifumi Shobo) Manga by Natsuki Sakura Character design by Yosuke Ishibashi
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◆Invaders approach a couple in love on a global scale!
"I Fell in Love with the End Credits" Volume 2
Kuniichi Ashiya
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Edited, published and distributed by: Core Mix

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