City Hunter special feature! "Monthly Comic Zenon June 2024 issue" on sale Thursday, April 25th!

Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release the "Monthly Comic Zenon June 2024 Issue" on Thursday, April 25th.

To celebrate the release of the Netflix movie, we have a special feature on "City Hunter"!
Special interview with Ryohei Suzuki and Tsukasa Hojo included! Clear file included!

1. A must-see for fans! A big spread of the appeal of the live-action movie! Plus, get a gorgeous autographed poster as a gift!
To celebrate the release of the live-action movie on Netflix on April 25th, we have a special feature on "City Hunter"! The special bonus is a clear file made just for the movie!

The opening color page features a conversation between Ryohei Suzuki, who plays the lead role of Ryo Saeba, and the original author, Tsukasa Hojo! What is the Ryo Saeba image that Ryohei Suzuki is aiming for? Fans must see the content that can only be found here! There will also be a giveaway of a poster autographed by the two of them!

2. All the Silent Manga Audition winning works will be revealed at once! The judges will be five legendary judges!
The 20th Silent Manga Audition received 909 submissions from around the world, and this time we are featuring the top 6 works!

The Grand Prize was awarded to "You Have My Heart" by Prassilisa (France)! There is no doubt that you will be enchanted by this masterpiece, which was highly praised by judges Tetsuo Hara and Ryuji Tsujihara!

3. Susanoo no Mikoto's past is revealed in "Record of Ragnarok"
Susanoo no Mikoto falls to his knees after a powerful blow from Okita Souji, the strongest swordsman of the late Edo period.

Susanoo no Mikoto never underestimated humanity; in fact, he knew better than anyone how great humans were, and in the past he learned "swordsmanship" from humans...

Monthly Comic Zenon June 2024 issue
Price: 730 yen (tax included)
Edited, published and distributed by Coamix

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